web design services in Nairobi Kenya

Kenya Website Developers is a creative Website Development company in Nairobi which offers cheap web design services in Kenya.

With its staff of developers, Testers and Designers and Software experts, Kenya Website Developers can create dynamic websites and maintain them.

We impress the clients that a dynamic Website is the best technology available to establish, maintain or expand the business for any enterprise in the era of World Wide Web. A website does more than showcase information. It enables a cost-effective communication flow and provide for interactivity to specific target markets, producing incredible returns.

We always take pride in producing unique web design services in Nairobi Kenya effectively with great technology and rich designs. We combine technology and innovative spirit to produce user-friendly websites.

Whatever your requirement – a small static website, a product catalogue, online shop, online training or online application software, we provide qualitative output at competitive prices.

Small, Medium or Big Business, we offer innovative solutions to designing your Website, its Maintenance or Server needs. In every task we take up, we live up to the name of KWD.

We create Database for our clients with customized solutions. The Data Services are aimed at giving you access to live data for current use, integrate into applications, incorporate into websites and get the outcomes. It will also give access to clients to critical data needed to make informed decisions.

Kenya Website Developers idea is to give scope to clients and itself to think of Innovative Applications and to implement them.

We give instant business solutions to clients. This will help clients such as supermarkets and jewelry shops to keep a tab on the inventory after every transaction. Any pilferage is immediately detected. Kenya Website Developers also offers server-based applications including hosting through its partners. We can not only offer server space but also design and maintain our clients’ websites in that space.

We give the clients the best solutions to manage and calibrate their business and crown it with success and compound it by competitive edge over others.

Kenya Website Developers offers its clients a lot of leeway. For web services, we may charge substantial part of the contract money but less than the market. We take the applications part as a challenge and take only token initial payment. We complete the applications task to the satisfaction and only then ask for full payment. We also assure the clients that our applications will be free from bugs and virus because we will be using `spam filters’ that are costly.

Kenya Website Developers develop website for the following fields:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Communication
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Financial
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Media Publishing
  • Retail Service
  • Sports
  • etc

6 Mistakes to avoid when developing an e-Commerce website

Small business E commerce is highly competitive field and small businesses need to develop a professional E-Commerce website in order o gain competitive advantage over others.

1. Poor or outdated design

Many E-commerce websites of small businesses reflect a poor outdated website design. It is important for your website to reflect a modern clean cut look and feel. If your E-commerce website design is not professional and the website looks like it was designed in the nineties then it is important to consider re-designing your e-Commerce website. A professional design for your E-commerce website is crucial and the website design task is best left to experts.

2. Not having detailed information on products

Many E-Commerce websites make a common mistake of not presenting detailed information on their product range. A common problem with eCommerce websites, especially small business is the lack of detailed information on products being sold on the website. Even if an E commerce website has a large product list it is important nevertheless to have an independent product detail page for each and every product. Avoid only one line descriptions for your products. Information on products can easily be found on manufacturer’s website and in most cases they are happy for you to use it on your website.

3. Don’t hide contact details.

Another common mistake with many eCommerce websites is the lack of visibility of the company’s contact details i.e. telephone number and address on the website. Customers often look for this information as it helps build trust knowing that someone will be there to answer questions should a problem arise with the purchase or the product.

It is a often a good idea to include telephone and address on all pages either ion the header or footer. An easily accessible email inquiry form or request call back forms on the website also help build customer confidence.

4. The benefits of buying from your company not clearly evident to the customer.

Another common mistake businesses make is failing to convey clearly via the website the advantages or benefits of purchasing form them. Customers usually research competitors before making a decision.

5. Not having an ongoing search engine optimization strategy.

Many eCommerce businesses make the mistake of thinking that if their website is there it will automatically attract new customers. No matter how professionally designed your website is or if you website has been created with search engine optimization in mind; appearing on the first page of Google is not something that will be achieved on its own.

Thousands of businesses compete for first page ranking for any given keyword however only 10 can appear o the first page. In order receive targeted traffic to your website and generate increasing leads and sales you will need to have an ongoing search engine strategy and commission an ongoing search optimization campaign. Although it is not something that will be achieved overnight, the benefits far outweigh the costs involved.