Hello, we are the cheapest website developers in kenya. We design and develop bespoke website for our clients with a touch of trendy designs and SEO ready.

We develop the following types of websites

  • Blog websites in Kenya
  • Business websites in Kenya
  • Brochure websites in Kenya
  • Crowdfunding websites in Kenya
  • Ecommerce websites in Kenya
  • Educational websites in Kenya
  • Media or Entertainment websites in Kenya
  • Nonprofit websites in Kenya
  • Personal websites in Kenya
  • Portal websites in Kenya
  • Portfolio websites in Kenya

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We are cheap web designers in Kenya , We design and develop professional websites for our clients  based on the latest technologies ,  be it an ecommerce website ,  business website , school website , church website ,  Personal bogs,  etc

A good website is SEO optimized hence have a high ranking power.  We create websites with SEO in mind hence on page optimization is taken care of before launching the website.

Below are some good tips to a well designed website:

* The home page should load in the browser in less than 8 seconds at 56.6 Kbps connection. The customer never waits, costing you precious business.

* Search Engines are the agents that bring traffic to your site; about 80% of web traffic comes through search engines today. To make your website friendly to search engines, make sure that proper META tags are included in each of the pages. Before you edit the site or make one, make sure that you understand how to optimize the website.

* Choose your backgrounds and colors carefully. Dark colors and interesting backgrounds take the focus away from the content. Maintain the color and background theme throughout the site. Colors have an effect on the mood of the visitor. Choose carefully as per your requirements.

* Choose not to use animation on you site. Animation cause slow loading speed and also look unprofessional.

* The home page should contain relevant information on what you are offering. If the visitor cannot find the product or service at the home page, you will lose him forever.

* Avoid using banners. If you need to use them, keep them limited to 1 per page.

* Always display contact information on every page of your website. Also keep the response times minimal, within 48 hours to promote better relationships.

* Make sure all links and images are working properly on the website. Check for grammar in the content. A professional website should not have mistakes in it and should contain a logo on each page. Make sure that a visitor can get from the start to the end of his destination within 4 clicks.

* The navigation should be simple and easy. Keep all navigation links together.

* Java and frames should be used sparingly, to speed up loading times and to ensure search engine friendliness.

* Finally before uploading, check the site loading different browsers. All browsers are not made equal.

* Keep your site up-to-date and change content every fortnight. The regular visitors should have a reason to come back.


By 2018, 80% of all shoppers globally had an interaction with online shopping. mean they either window shopped or did actual shopping online. Upgrading your website with a professional ecommerce design will help you drive more sales and increase profitability.

Find out why getting a professional ecommerce design just might be the change you need to take your online business to the next level.

Advantages of a Professional E commerce Website Design in Kenya

Improved Customers Trust – If your website doesn’t inspire confidence with your visitors, they will be reluctant to fork over their credit cards. Everyone has been to a website and questioned whether they should submit their credit card. It’s too easy for that visitor to hit the BACK button & find an alternate seller where a customer can feel more comfortable.
A Smoother Shopping Experience – Customers are getting used to really high quality, modern websites with smooth navigation and easy checkout. When they start encountering website inconsistencies, confusing navigation or a choppy checkout, we always see a higher cart abandonment rates. A professional ecommerce design is going to smooth out all the rough edges and make customers glide through your checkout process and place their orders like never before.
More Visually Enticing – Aesthetics play a part in your shoppers’ experience. An ecommerce store doesn’t have to be ornate or overly designed but a well thought out, professional ecommerce website design keeps customers on your website longer, encourages them to tell their friends and encourages repeat visits.
A Better Checkout Process – One of the top places where ecommerce stores lose business is during the checkout process. When a website adds products to their cart and then doesn’t checkout, this is referred to as the “cart abandonment rate”. Lowering your abandonment rate is one of the primary objectives for any e-commerce store owner. One simple way to do this is by simplifying your checkout procedure and making a single step, checkout procedure. With only 1 step to complete, you can quickly decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate by 15% – 25%.
Better Store Management – older e-commerce systems can’t compete with the newer, more modern systems that have robust reporting, intuitive cart management and streamlined administrative features. All these features save time and money which free you up to focus on building your business.
E-Store Customization – Very few clients are satisfied with off-the-shelf solutions. Most desire certain functions to make their business run more smoothly. With professional ecommerce website design you can get exactly the features you need to turn your operation into a slick, fast and efficient business.

Who Should Consider a Professional Ecommerce Website Re-Design?
A professional ecommerce website design can be a real profitable upgrade to any existing store. The most common situation we cater to is where the existing store is functioning OK but there is a feeling that it could be doing even better. Another case is where performance is slightly sagging or sub-par. In these cases, a professional well thought out redesign can have a dramatic impact and can often turn things right around.

 Best Professional Ecommerce Website Design Firm
For over 10 years we’ve been helping companies build high quality e-commerce websites. From basic e-commerce websites selling a dozen products to larger corporations selling thousands of products, we have a variety of solutions to fit most budgets.

Give us a call today and find out how cost effective it can be to have an industry leading ecommerce website designed for your business. Email or call us today at +254 770 624 618

Looking for e commerce website design in kenya? We are the cheapest e commerce website developers.

We design and develop  affordable websites for our clients that is professional and comes integrated with common payment platforms for e commerce website in Kenya. The following are the payment gateways that we include:

  • e commerce website design in kenya integrated with mpesa, airtel money  and Telkom Kash, Paypal, Pesapal, and Offline payment options

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Who are the Best Website Developers in Kenya?

We pride in offering the best website designs , our designs are carefully selected based on the users preferences.

We first engage the client to clearly understand their unique requirements and taste. Creating a professional website with any developer can be very expensive.

Small businesses mostly  spend alot of money to get the best designs. You don’t have to worry anymore with us

We  will give you a beautiful responsive website design at affordable prices. Now all you have to do is focus on growing your business.

We work with SMEs to develop bespoke websites and web portals that market their brands online. This holidays, call us for a discounted rate in website design and development.

Google search usually shows search terms related to your search at the footer of the page, we found out that many people usually search for the key phrases website design cost in Kenya ,  they want to know how much it will cost them to have a website developer design and develop a website for them. related to this are the following terms that Google users in kenya search

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This is the power of search engine and SEO , we are able to know what the users want. Therefore we are going to give you a brief on how to know the cost of websites in kenya.

We are cheap website developers in kenya and can help you design a website for your company, eCommerce or business.

Generally Speaking and without giving exactly the prices we offer to our clients, the general website cost in kenya for almost all kenya website developers ranges between Kenya Shillings 20,000 to 200,000 .  This is normally based on the type of website, features requested, type of client, and many other factors. Dont go for the cheapest website cost you find posted in directories since sometimes you many not get a good professional website.

Another way to know the cost of website creation in kenya is by browsing various websites and looking for the provided web design packages in kenya. Look at the features and choose the most affordable web designers in kenya with a good reputation.

Kenya website developers  pride in being the best web designers in nairobi offering web design services at affordable cost.

Visit our web design packages page and select the best web design package in kenya for you and request a call back.

We are a digital agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. We design & develop the best eCommerce Websites in Kenya that converts.  Every eCommerce website that is not optimized has no visibility on the search engine’s radar and therefore will not bring sales directly through search. The inclusion on Search Engine Optimization when developing an eCommerce website is the ONLY worthwhile thing to do.

We take clients requirement as unique as possible and appreciate the fact that each client has her/his unique requirements.

We use our experience in developing eCommerce websites to merge the unique client requirements with our mastered methods of ensuring your site comes to page one on search keywords.

You are assured of making sales when you involve us in developing your eCommerce website.

Visit our website design packages page and select the eCommerce Package , reach out to us for a meeting to discuss your requirements.

web design services in Nairobi Kenya

Kenya Website Developers is a creative Website Development company in Nairobi which offers cheap web design services in Kenya.

With its staff of developers, Testers and Designers and Software experts, Kenya Website Developers can create dynamic websites and maintain them.

We impress the clients that a dynamic Website is the best technology available to establish, maintain or expand the business for any enterprise in the era of World Wide Web. A website does more than showcase information. It enables a cost-effective communication flow and provide for interactivity to specific target markets, producing incredible returns.

We always take pride in producing unique web design services in Nairobi Kenya effectively with great technology and rich designs. We combine technology and innovative spirit to produce user-friendly websites.

Whatever your requirement – a small static website, a product catalogue, online shop, online training or online application software, we provide qualitative output at competitive prices.

Small, Medium or Big Business, we offer innovative solutions to designing your Website, its Maintenance or Server needs. In every task we take up, we live up to the name of KWD.

We create Database for our clients with customized solutions. The Data Services are aimed at giving you access to live data for current use, integrate into applications, incorporate into websites and get the outcomes. It will also give access to clients to critical data needed to make informed decisions.

Kenya Website Developers idea is to give scope to clients and itself to think of Innovative Applications and to implement them.

We give instant business solutions to clients. This will help clients such as supermarkets and jewelry shops to keep a tab on the inventory after every transaction. Any pilferage is immediately detected. Kenya Website Developers also offers server-based applications including hosting through its partners. We can not only offer server space but also design and maintain our clients’ websites in that space.

We give the clients the best solutions to manage and calibrate their business and crown it with success and compound it by competitive edge over others.

Kenya Website Developers offers its clients a lot of leeway. For web services, we may charge substantial part of the contract money but less than the market. We take the applications part as a challenge and take only token initial payment. We complete the applications task to the satisfaction and only then ask for full payment. We also assure the clients that our applications will be free from bugs and virus because we will be using `spam filters’ that are costly.

Kenya Website Developers develop website for the following fields:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Communication
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Financial
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Media Publishing
  • Retail Service
  • Sports
  • etc

6 Mistakes to avoid when developing an e-Commerce website

Small business E commerce is highly competitive field and small businesses need to develop a professional E-Commerce website in order o gain competitive advantage over others.

1. Poor or outdated design

Many E-commerce websites of small businesses reflect a poor outdated website design. It is important for your website to reflect a modern clean cut look and feel. If your E-commerce website design is not professional and the website looks like it was designed in the nineties then it is important to consider re-designing your e-Commerce website. A professional design for your E-commerce website is crucial and the website design task is best left to experts.

2. Not having detailed information on products

Many E-Commerce websites make a common mistake of not presenting detailed information on their product range. A common problem with eCommerce websites, especially small business is the lack of detailed information on products being sold on the website. Even if an E commerce website has a large product list it is important nevertheless to have an independent product detail page for each and every product. Avoid only one line descriptions for your products. Information on products can easily be found on manufacturer’s website and in most cases they are happy for you to use it on your website.

3. Don’t hide contact details.

Another common mistake with many eCommerce websites is the lack of visibility of the company’s contact details i.e. telephone number and address on the website. Customers often look for this information as it helps build trust knowing that someone will be there to answer questions should a problem arise with the purchase or the product.

It is a often a good idea to include telephone and address on all pages either ion the header or footer. An easily accessible email inquiry form or request call back forms on the website also help build customer confidence.

4. The benefits of buying from your company not clearly evident to the customer.

Another common mistake businesses make is failing to convey clearly via the website the advantages or benefits of purchasing form them. Customers usually research competitors before making a decision.

5. Not having an ongoing search engine optimization strategy.

Many eCommerce businesses make the mistake of thinking that if their website is there it will automatically attract new customers. No matter how professionally designed your website is or if you website has been created with search engine optimization in mind; appearing on the first page of Google is not something that will be achieved on its own.

Thousands of businesses compete for first page ranking for any given keyword however only 10 can appear o the first page. In order receive targeted traffic to your website and generate increasing leads and sales you will need to have an ongoing search engine strategy and commission an ongoing search optimization campaign. Although it is not something that will be achieved overnight, the benefits far outweigh the costs involved.

Best web designers in Nairobi

Nairobi is a great place to live and work. Being the capital of Kenya there are many businesses thriving in the area and all competing for your business. More and more businesses are realizing the real benefits from having a professional website on the internet. There are so many web designers these days it can be daunting choosing the one right for you. If you live in the Nairobi or surrounding areas and have a business and are thinking having a website designed for your company then you need think about a few important factors:

Do you have a domain name?

Do you need hosting? So you need a web designer?

Do you need an ecommerce website? Will you need to update your site yourself in the future or do you have enough website design knowledge to do this yourself?

Well if you need all of these then it is a lot easier if you can find a company that can do everything for you. There are some companies that can sell you the domain names as well as the hosting, design your site and even offer search optimization solutions. Dealing with the same company for your domain name, hosting, email, and web design makes the whole process a lot easier. For one you only need one contact telephone number. A company with good customer support is a must. Not all companies offer this and this and it can be very frustrating. You want to know that if you have any trouble you can just call for customer support or technical support.

The company doesn’t have to be Nairobi based so it is worth finding the best company that suits your needs. As anyone who knows anything about computers, it makes no difference where you website is hosted it only matters that the people or company in charge of it are competent. So how can you tell if a site is designed well? Well if it is performing well, as in coming up in search engines it is certainly doing something right. For a good design your site needs to be pleasant to the eye without any bright flashing coloured text. If the site loads quickly then this is a good sign, you will loose a great deal of customers if your pages take over 5 seconds to load.

An experienced web designer will know what works and what doesn’t and should advice you before going ahead with any design. If you want your site to be search engine friendly then a good company should be able to design your site around some key search terms so as to make it perform better in the search engines. Another must is the ongoing work you might need to maintain your website. Or maybe you have a great website that is not showing up well on some keywords. Search engine optimization is big business and a lot of companies claim they can offer this but as there are no guarantees it’s hard to know the cowboys from the professionals.

Lots of companies in Nairobi start up and then in a year or two fail and you are left to sort out your site. You need to find a company that has been around for some time and has a proven track record. Any professional SEO (Search engine optimizer) will know that it can take months of hard work to achieve really great results, and they should be able to prove that they can do it, ie. if they put a search term in Google and their site comes up first. So finding a company that has built it self up from nothing and is still thriving on the net today is one to go for. So what are you waiting for, branch out of the net, get the best web designers in nairobi design a website professionally and optimized and then enjoy all the benefits from the extra income.

best web designers in Nairobi – Web Design Tips

Don’t bother with splash pages. A splash page is normally a pointless page people put on their websites as an introduction. The page normally contains some sort of image on with a big click here to enter sign, or sometimes people don’t say anything and just hope you will click on the picture to enter their site. Splash pages are fairly pointless and it is just creating more work for your visitor as they have to click the mouse button an extra time just to see the content of your site. By removing the splash page the visitor can get to see the best parts of your site straight away, without having to wait for a pointless page to load.

Keep your navigation simple. To put it simply if your navigation is too complicated and people don’t understand how to get around your site this is a huge web design fault. If a visitor doesn’t know how to navigate around your site they will get frustrated and end up leaving. Keep your navigation simple and try to avoid using scripts or complicated flash based menus, not all browsers support scripts, so some of your visitors might be missing out on important.

Keep your paragraphs reasonable readable lengths. Although having lots of relative and informative content on your website is good, it is a bad idea to have the blocks of text to big. Not everyone likes reading and to much can deter a visitor. If you keep your paragraphs in reasonable lengths it is much easier for a visitor to read and absorb

. Use CSS for style. Make sure your text is readable by using a standard font which is compatible with other systems. While some fonts may look good on your computer other people might not have that font installed. It is good web design practice to use CSS when building you site. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are a perfect way to set and adjust your websites font and size settings. The great thing about using CSS is that you can change the look of your whole site simply by editing the one file.

Test how your site looks in other web browsers When you are building your site and still in the web design stage it is important to check how it looks on other browsers, just because it looks fine in internet explorer doesn’t mean it looks good on Firefox or Opera. A lot of people use alternative browsers and if the website looks like a complete mess then you will loose that visitor for ever. You can check your sites web design to make sure it complies with the web standards at the w3.org website. Validating your page will help to ensure it works properly on other browsers. Tags:  best web designers in nairobi

We are the best eCommerce website developers in Kenya . An eCommerce website needs more functionalities than other website, such as payment integrations, user checkouts and accounts features. Our websites are built on the best eCommerce platforms – Woocommerce and Shopify.
An eCommerce site is an important part of any sales channel! That means you need a website that’s easy to use, processes online payments securely and which showcases products or services in a professional way.
Our website developers are skilled with a wide range of eCommerce platforms ; Magento, WooCommerce, and others and have created custom solutions for ecommerce.
Cheap Web Design doesn’t mean cheap quality! Cheap Ecommerce Web Design doesn’t mean low quality website.
Our philosophy to develop great ecommerce websites at affordable cost. Kenya businesses run successful website designs eCommerce Website Design by Ecommerce Website Agency.
Nairobi Website Design Agency

We work with local businesses to offer best website design, ecommerce websites, SEO and digital marketing. We work closely with our clients to discuss their projects to deliver online marketing campaigns

Ecommerce website design package

view our ecommerce website cost

Ksh 70000 One Time Fee /No other hidden cost
For stores that sell products or companies promoting their brand online
  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Professional Design
  • Keywords Research
  • SEO Content Copywriting
  • Images Capture & Optimization
  • Product/Services Ordering
  • Enhanced Website Security (SSL,Firewall,…)
  • Social Media Creation, Chat, Online forms integrations
  • Site Upload & Setup of domain emails
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Standard website SEO
  • Google Business Creation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Local directories Submission
  • Payments Integration(Mpesa/PayPal)
  • I Yr Domain & Hosting Inclusive
  • 3 months free support
  • Delivery: From 45 working days

Ecommerce web site design consultants
Ecommerce web site agency employs Kenya certified eCommerce specialists. Our eCommerce developers area unit re-trained to create, optimise and manage eCommerce websites in-line with latest trade standards.
eCommerce Platform – Woocommerce & Shopify
Our ecommerce internet platforms permits you to manage product, payments, orders, shipping, and track your growth. we frequently use Woocommerce, Shopify & Magento for ecommerce web site projects.
Ecommerce web site For Mobile
With over one billion on-line sales created on mobile devices, our eCommerce websites are designed to be responsive for excellent client experience.
eCommerce web site Re-Design
We re-design obsolete eCommerce websites to accommodates latest trends. Our eCommerce solutions area trendy, artistic and provides your customers specifically what they have like simple checkout, payment, web site navigation and additional