website maintenance services in kenya

Do you have a existing website and you need a professional to maintain it? Kenya Website Developers offers website maintenance services in Kenya and beyond. We are ensure your website is up to date with the latest fun

website maintenance services in kenya
website maintenance services

ctional and security patches. the cost of website maintenance services is dependent on the type of website and extent of tasks being undertaken. We cost of website maintenance is grouped in packages based on the required tasks.

Website maintenance is the process of ensuring the website is bug free & up-to-date. Its the process of checking sites to keep them updated, customer-friendly, and protected from infections. It can be updating content, adding images, adding links, updating components.

For a website to rank and maintain its rank in search engines , fresh content must be upload regularly as well as the content management system framework and plugins must be up to date. For business & ecommerce websites , a dedicated blog section is necessary to ensure ranking hence visibility in SERP.

website maintenance services cost / packages

below is our website maintenance prices in kenya . choose the most appropriate, we do provide custom quote, kindly contact us

KES 3000 KES /Month
Ideal for startups websites with brand marketing type of content

Kes 5000 KES /Month
Ideal for SME's with professional website with an active audience and dynamic data

KES 10000 KES /Month
Ideal for companies with a brand website with live online support, Fresh content/blog and regular site update/upgrade

KES 15000 KES /Month
Ideal for corporate websites and ecommerce websites with live support and clients guided instructions and feedback.

What we offer in Website Maintenance Services

Our team will help you keep your website relevant to users as long as your brand remain relevant and is offering products/services or any other data/information.

Security & Updates

We’ll keep your website, plugins, security patches, and content updated so you’ll sleep soundly. No surprises, Guaranteed.

24/7 Support

Enjoy the convenience of a website expert available via
phone or email or responding to your website clients


We back up your database daily and do a FULL weekly backup of Database, Files and emails.

Search Engine Optimization

We will ensure your site is SEO compliant by creating backlinks to external sites and social networks.

Recover & Clean hacked sites

We’ll restore malware affected websites by cleaning it and securing it to ensure its safe from hacking scripts in the future.

Website Analytics

We will provide monthly comprehensive report on website visitors, the pages they have accessed, where they came from and their location.

Content Updates

We will add any content as instructed inform of text, images, audios or videos.

Any Adhoc Maintenance Tasks

We will execute any adhoc task as instructed by the site owner with priority it deserves

Website maintenance cost is based on a selected maintenance plan, we have provided on this page packages, kindly selected the most suitable website maintenance packages or call us to advise on the most suitable based on your website.

Website maintenance should include all the tasks that will ensure the website is secure, relevant to users and most importantly in ranking in search engines.

Absolutely , If you dont maintain your website , you loose the essence of having and keeping it online in the first place. it will loose its ranking and visibility and joint the list of the many sites which no one knows it except the owner.