best web designers in nairobi

Best web designers in Nairobi

Nairobi is a great place to live and work. Being the capital of Kenya there are many businesses thriving in the area and all competing for your business. More and more businesses are realizing the real benefits from having a professional website on the internet. There are so many web designers these days it can be daunting choosing the one right for you. If you live in the Nairobi or surrounding areas and have a business and are thinking having a website designed for your company then you need think about a few important factors:

Website design packages

  1. Startup – Ksh 20,000  – Ideal for Startups with a need to have an official online presence
  2. Small Business – Ksh 35,000 – For SMEs that want to sell/showcase their services/portfolio online and rank.
  3. Ecommerce/Company – Ksh 70,000 – For shops that sell products or companies promoting their brand online
  4. Corporate/Portal – Ksh 120,000 – Ideal for corporate, with custom integrations, multisite, multi language / membership portals

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Do you have a domain name?

Do you need hosting? So you need a web designer?

Do you need an ecommerce website? Will you need to update your site yourself in the future or do you have enough website design knowledge to do this yourself?

Well if you need all of these then it is a lot easier if you can find a company that can do everything for you. There are some companies that can sell you the domain names as well as the hosting, design your site and even offer search optimization solutions. Dealing with the same company for your domain name, hosting, email, and web design makes the whole process a lot easier. For one you only need one contact telephone number. A company with good customer support is a must. Not all companies offer this and this and it can be very frustrating. You want to know that if you have any trouble you can just call for customer support or technical support.

The company doesn’t have to be Nairobi based so it is worth finding the best company that suits your needs. As anyone who knows anything about computers, it makes no difference where you website is hosted it only matters that the people or company in charge of it are competent. So how can you tell if a site is designed well? Well if it is performing well, as in coming up in search engines it is certainly doing something right. For a good design your site needs to be pleasant to the eye without any bright flashing coloured text. If the site loads quickly then this is a good sign, you will loose a great deal of customers if your pages take over 5 seconds to load.

An experienced web designer will know what works and what doesn’t and should advice you before going ahead with any design. If you want your site to be search engine friendly then a good company should be able to design your site around some key search terms so as to make it perform better in the search engines. Another must is the ongoing work you might need to maintain your website. Or maybe you have a great website that is not showing up well on some keywords. Search engine optimization is big business and a lot of companies claim they can offer this but as there are no guarantees it’s hard to know the cowboys from the professionals.

Lots of companies in Nairobi start up and then in a year or two fail and you are left to sort out your site. You need to find a company that has been around for some time and has a proven track record. Any professional SEO (Search engine optimizer) will know that it can take months of hard work to achieve really great results, and they should be able to prove that they can do it, ie. if they put a search term in Google and their site comes up first. So finding a company that has built it self up from nothing and is still thriving on the net today is one to go for. So what are you waiting for, branch out of the net, get the best web designers in nairobi design a website professionally and optimized and then enjoy all the benefits from the extra income.

best web designers in Nairobi – Web Design Tips

Don’t bother with splash pages. A splash page is normally a pointless page people put on their websites as an introduction. The page normally contains some sort of image on with a big click here to enter sign, or sometimes people don’t say anything and just hope you will click on the picture to enter their site. Splash pages are fairly pointless and it is just creating more work for your visitor as they have to click the mouse button an extra time just to see the content of your site. By removing the splash page the visitor can get to see the best parts of your site straight away, without having to wait for a pointless page to load.

Keep your navigation simple. To put it simply if your navigation is too complicated and people don’t understand how to get around your site this is a huge web design fault. If a visitor doesn’t know how to navigate around your site they will get frustrated and end up leaving. Keep your navigation simple and try to avoid using scripts or complicated flash based menus, not all browsers support scripts, so some of your visitors might be missing out on important.

Keep your paragraphs reasonable readable lengths. Although having lots of relative and informative content on your website is good, it is a bad idea to have the blocks of text to big. Not everyone likes reading and to much can deter a visitor. If you keep your paragraphs in reasonable lengths it is much easier for a visitor to read and absorb

. Use CSS for style. Make sure your text is readable by using a standard font which is compatible with other systems. While some fonts may look good on your computer other people might not have that font installed. It is good web design practice to use CSS when building you site. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are a perfect way to set and adjust your websites font and size settings. The great thing about using CSS is that you can change the look of your whole site simply by editing the one file.

Test how your site looks in other web browsers When you are building your site and still in the web design stage it is important to check how it looks on other browsers, just because it looks fine in internet explorer doesn’t mean it looks good on Firefox or Opera. A lot of people use alternative browsers and if the website looks like a complete mess then you will loose that visitor for ever. You can check your sites web design to make sure it complies with the web standards at the website. Validating your page will help to ensure it works properly on other browsers. Tags:  best web designers in nairobi